Our vision

“As machines become more and more efficient and perfect, so it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man”

– Ernst Fischer –
Epromext was founded in 1992 with the premise that “good work” would be the mark of our company. From the moment of its foundation, our company has had an international profile, principally linked with Latin America.

In its early years, the company focused its activity between Cuba and Spain, but years later it began internationalizing and opening new market channels in other countries such as Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia and Brazil.

All these years of experience have allowed us to acquire the “know how” needed to export safely, fast and at a greatly reduced price. This fact has encouraged us to open up new markets, and nowadays, we represent and export a wide range of machinery worldwide. Therefore, we don’t focus our exports just in Latin America; we are able to supply any line of construction, mining, demolition or agriculture equipment in less time at a competitive cost to every country around the world.  To that end, we work with over 20 forwarders who help us to move goods from Europe to the entire world.

The growth of Epromext has been accompanied by an increasing concern about what is surrounding us and this has become an internal ethical code by which our company has been guided during its 20 years of existence. In 2013, we decided to reflect this act in a more specific way so we have become signatories of the Global Compact.

It should be pointed out that in order to carry out different Development Projects, in recent years, we have cooperated with multilateral organizations and NGOs, among which the U.N. is noteworthy.